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How To Sell

Are you using the internet effectively? Major global equipment auctioneers make up to 25% of their total sales online. how do your online sales measure up?

Many auctioneers who have established a reputation for quality in their own local and regional markets have encountered obstacles in tapping into the global online equipment marketplace. Online bidders are drawn to sites that offer a wide variety of equipment in a wide variety of locations, and that's something local and regional auctioneers cannot provide.

Bidlive offers a unique solution, allowing local and regional auction firms to achieve the economy of scale needed to be truly competitive in the global online marketplace. Bidlive serves as an online host to auctions held by multiple locations around the world. Unlike other hosts, Bidlive integrates these auctions and their contents into a single auction database with a single registration and bidder qualification system. Bidders don't have to painfully browse a dozen different auctions for the equipment they want, or register and qualify repeatedly every time they want to bid in a different auction. That makes bidding easier and more convenient, and that means more bidders for your equipment.

Bidlive provides a unique platform designed specifically for international equipment auctioneers. The team behind Bidlive has handled online equipment auctions in 10 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia and has an extensive database of active online equipment buyers who buy in the international market.

What does Bidlive offer auctioneers?

  • Bidlive has the most affordable pricing structure in the industry. Auctioneers pay only a minimal fee plus expenses: we make our money on performance.
  • Bidlive shares profit from buyer premiums above its break-even point.
  • Bidlive prepares a comprehensive, professional catalog of the equipment you have on auction.
  • Bidlive brings everything you need for a truly professional online auction. You get to concentrate on what you do best: running a first rate physical auction.
  • Bidlive works only with international equipment auctioneers. Your auction information goes out to a database of confirmed equipment buyers in the markets you serve, not people who signed up to buy real estate or collectibles, or people who only buy in their own neighborhood.
  • By combining your auction with others in a single seamless database, Bidlive achieves the scale you need to draw the serious online buyers.
  • Bidlive understands your settlement process and assures that you have the information you need for proper invoicing of online purchases immediately.