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How To Bid

Bidlive gives instant access to multiple auctions all over the world. Register once, qualify once, and bid in any auction Bidlive represents. No more searching each auction database for the equipment you want: Bidlive searches will return appropriate results from all current and upcoming auctions.

  • Register online with a simple form
  • Qualify. Once qualified you'll be ready to bid on any auction we represent. To be qualified you need to decide on your bid limit, accept terms and conditions, and Bidlive will approve you to bid.
  • Search for the equipment you need. One search runs across all current and upcoming Bidlive auctions.
  • Bid in real time, using the most user-friendly live stream bidder interface in the business. Monitor the auction live and bid on the equipment you want, or register your maximum bid in advance.

Why bid with Bidlive? It's simply a better way:

The Bidlive system is 100% web-based, allowing access through virtually any device with a browser, on any operating system, without having to download and install software.

Minimal buyer premiums keep your purchases cost-effective. Bidlive charges 2.5% of lot cost. but buyer premiums are capped at no more than $680 per item. Compare that with the open-ended percentages and exorbitant premiums charged by many online auction systems. Individual auction companies may have their own buyer premiums.

The state of the art Bidlive interface is specifically tailored for equipment auctions:

  • Real time streaming audio/video auction coverage
  • Real time bidding
  • Chat Communication with Auction Site
  • Full Auction Catalog with Descriptions and Photos
  • Multiple currency display
  • Display of real time sales results for Bidder reference
  • Bidlive handles transport, equipment and commercial and industrial auctions, period. This isn't a general-purpose platform used for everything from real estate to collectibles, with equipment auctions somewhere in a corner. This is a system built from the start to serve the unique needs of your industry, by people who have managed online equipment auctions all over the world. Bidlive is the first industry-specific platform hosting auctions for qualified equipment auctioneers to be focused specifically on the global market: a global auction house for the global commercial buyer.

    If you buy equipment in the global marketplace, if you use the internet, if you need access to thousands of quality machines being sold by dozens of reputable auctioneers in that global marketplace, Bidlive is made for you.